Historical Tours at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort

Historical Tours

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The contribution to the history of Wolgan Valley and the Blue Mountains region is told through two very different perspectives, firstly by the Aboriginal people and their culture, and most recently, with two centuries of colonial settlers. 

There are few indigenous cultures in the world more closely linked with nature than Australia's Aboriginal people. They have long understood that their very existence relies on the conservation of the plants and animals, the purity of the water, the air which sustains them and their imprint upon the Earth. 

Cultural sustainability is a cornerstone of the Emirates Conservation Programme and extensive consultation with indigenous communities has taken place. The traditional land owners of Wolgan Valley have maintained cultural ties with the land and sites of historic or spiritual significance, having acted as its custodians for tens of thousands of years. 

Visitors to Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa can discover what the last two centuries in the Wolgan Valley and Blue Mountains region were like on the Colonial Heritage and Aboriginal Interpretive Tour. 

Colonial Heritage Tour

Inclusive Activity

Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Easy 

Departing from the 1832 Heritage Homestead and Kitchen Garden, Field Guides will walk guests through this fascinating historic precinct development, explaining the process of meticulous restoration necessary to bring the old Homestead back to its former glory. They will hear stories of a past life carved out of the wilderness and get a glimpse into the trying conditions that early Australian settlers faced to survive. They will also learn about building practices developed by pioneer settlers to adapt to such a wild environment. 

Guests will also see the fully-functioning heritage kitchen garden, which has been re-established to supply fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs to the Resort kitchens. Tours can be arranged through our Guest Services Agent and are conducted all year round subject to weather conditions.  

Aboriginal Interpretive Tour

Inclusive Activity

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Grade: Medium 

Retrace ancient footsteps and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture, while your Field Guide gives you an insight into the typical day in the life of an Aboriginal person through the centuries.

During your tour, you will gain an understanding of how the seasons governed the hunting and gathering of animal and plant species along with the medicinal uses of native plants; and how through ancient land management practices, the conservation of natural resources for future generations was ensured. Learn about the tools and weapons used for survival and ceremony. 

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