Wildlife safaris at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort

Wildlife Safaris

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Each of the Field Guides at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is a skilled driver, highly knowledgeable of Australia’s demanding terrain and can tailor a safari adventure tour around each guest's special interests to help you catch awe-inspiring views of the Blue Mountains and encounters with Australian wildlife.

For those with an inquisitive mind, Wolgan Valley's adventure tours offer a chance for botanists, bird watchers and naturalists to discover an area still abundant with the same intriguing species that so fascinated Charles Darwin.

Special interest and private touring experiences are also available at an additional cost. These take place all year round and are scheduled according to weather conditions on the day.

Wolgan Wildlife and Sundowner Tour

Inclusive Activity

Duration: 1.5 hours
Grade: Easy

Our Field Guides will collect guests from the Main Homestead in a luxurious, four-wheel-drive vehicle and transport them through the majestic Wolgan Valley between sheer sandstone cliffs. The tour will set off an hour before sunset to give guests the best opportunity to observe Australia’s wildlife, which is most active at this time. Kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies and a wide variety of smaller, lesser known species are the focus. Many native birds and nocturnal species are also active. Our Field Guides are well versed in local bush lore and history and guests will be entertained and educated along the way.

This tour will also visit the Wollemi Pine Grove. Located in the protected site of the Wolgan Valley reserve, the Grove is home to an archaeologically remarkable and unique species – the Wollemi Pine. The Wollemi Pine (Wollemia Nobilis) is one of the world's oldest and most rare tree species. It is endemic to the Blue Mountains, belonging to a 35,000-year-old plant family. It was known only from fossil records and psumed extinct by botanists until it was rediscovered in 1994 in the Wollemi National Park, just outside of Sydney. Considered to be ‘the botanical find of the 20th Century,’ this discovery is akin to finding a dinosaur alive today.

Wolgan Valley Wollemi Pine Grove was established with the assistance of David Noble, the New South Wales (NSW) National Parks and Wildlife Services officer who ’rediscovered’ the pine in 1994.

From there, the tour will follow a meandering route through the Wolgan Valley with guides relying on their knowledge of seasonal and local animal movements to spot the most wildlife. Guests can take short walks at points of interest to enjoy the magnificent backdrop of Wolgan Valley’s ancient sandstone escarpments.

The tour concludes with canapés, refreshments and a glass of sparkling wine while guests watch the sun disappear over the horizon.

Note: Tours depart daily in the late afternoon and are subject to weather conditions. Sundowners do not take place in winter due to the cold, but are offered at the Main Homestead during this time.

Nocturnal Wildlife Spotlighting & Stargazing

Inclusive Activity

Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Easy

Field Guides will meet guests at the Main Homestead and take them through sheer valley escarpments in a luxury, four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Guests will have the unique opportunity to explore the nocturnal world of the Australian bush by means of spotlights, watching as the eyes of native creatures flash in front of them. A variety of possums, wombats, wallaroos and smaller species will be seen along with many seldom-seen species that only emerge after dark.

Guests will be escorted to a remote part of the Wolgan Valley, where they will be shown the magnificence of the southern sky at night. Field Guides will point out stars and constellations, including the famous Southern Cross.

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